Welcome To Smart-21

Business consulting & coaching that is simple, effective & puts you first.

Your resource & partner in helping you grow & develop your business.

Smart-21 is dedicated to helping you succeed at work & business whether as an ambitious individual or forward thinking small to medium sized business. It does this by helping you develop the skills, systems & resources needed.

What We Do

By first listening to & then working with you, Smart-21 enables you to holistically develop the capacity, skills & confidence to succeed. Simply & effecively.

Smart-21 offers the following:

  1. Consulting Ensuring effective and efficient financial & business solutions for the small to medium sized business
  2. Mentoring  – Working together with individuals to develop their business, management, financial & soft-skills
  3. Business Writing       Helping clients creatively manage both their writing & presentation needs

Our aim in working with you is to:

  1. Give you more time to focus on developing your business
  2. Make your business more efficient
  3. Make your business more profitable.

Solutions That Put You First

By combining both consulting & coaching together, Smart-21 delivers results. Our focus is to support you as you develop your business. We want to ensure that you have all you need by way of information & systems to develop your business. To do that you also need both business skills & confidence. We want to help you develop those because in doing so you will be more likely to succeed as desired.

It is all about putting you in the driving seat so that you develop the necessary competitive edge.  

It is all about devising & creating solutions that put people first. 

Smart-21 is dedicated to developing all of this with you. To learn more, please read the About page, Working Together, SM-21 Way & the Blog.

If you would like to:

1.) Build & enhance your business systems;

2.) Develop your business, mangement, financial & soft-skills;

3.) Creatively manage your writing & communications

then please get in touch at hello@smart-21.ie.