Smart-21 – Your Resource & Partner in Helping Develop Key Business, Management, Financial & Soft Skills

Short Introduction

Sean Finn - Smart-21 Founder

Hi – my name is Sean Finn & I am the founder of Smart-21. I started my career in finance & accountancy, gaining extensive experience. But now I work as a business consultant & coach, business storyteller & interim finance specialist. My goal, in working this way, is to help you develop the skills, resourcefulness & personal leadership to succeed in business.

Simple, effective & putting you first.


Why a lightbulb? Why that lightbulb?Smart

It means several things – working creatively, solving everyday business problems. Also devising profitable outcomes to name a third. It also represents a sense of excitement about the possibilities in business.

 The key thing though is helping business professionals & SME owners have all they need by way of information, systems and resources so that they develop. Above all, to give you the time & space to do so. 

I love reading quotes for the sheer interest & enjoyment. In addition, they offer golden nuggets of wisdom and learning. One of my most favoured ones for instance, is the following by Goëthe:

“Treat a man as he appears to be & you make him worse.
But treat a man as if he already were what he potentially could be
 & you make him what he should be. “

Leadership, soft-skills, personal development & management are key in the 21st Century.  Portfolio Careers & independent working will increasingly be the norm. As a result, helping business professionals & SME’s succeed in this environment is why I set up Smart-21.


A selection of clients includes the National Concert Hall, the Hudson Partnership, the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission, Primark & RGP.  In addition I have also worked with private individuals whom I advised on numerous business projects.

Short Bio

I established Smart-21 in 2017 – specifically to help individuals & SME owners succeed in business. By creating finance & business confidence. Prior to that, I had extensive experience in financial management & reporting, systems development & efficiency (using Lean Six Sigma) as well as finance specific projects. Holding a Diploma in Management from the Irish Management Institute, I am also a certified Greenbelt in Lean Six Sigma. Finally, I am a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland having first obtained a degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin.

In other words, a professional with broad-based experience, a creative mind as well as the desire to help others succeed.

Prior Projects

Putting both creative & innovative solutions in place is key since this makes it more likely that people will succeed. 

For example, a selection of previous projects that I have worked on includes:

Consulting & Coaching

  • Undertaking full business reviews leading to strategic changes in approach & direction
  •  Automating financial & other business processes resulting in greater efficiency, reduced risk & more effective analysis
  • Creating a “Getting Things Done” programme for people so that they were able to increase personal effectiveness, time management & job satisfaction

Business Storytelling

  • Engaging in ghost-writing projects with people helping them publish their books
  • Editing & producing newsletters & other articles to keep recipients both engaged & informed

Interim Management

  • Managing the full finance function for extended periods during the absence of key staff members
  • Assisting clients with new accounting systems implementation.

So to learn more, please read Working Together, SM-21 Way & the Blog.