Interim Expertise To HelpInterim Management

What in the first instance, are the three key benefits of engaging an interim manager?

  • Getting immediate access to expertise
  • Providing specific skillsets without a long-term commitment
  • Cost-effective – being a fraction of that for a fulltime resource.

In providing interim management expertise, Smart-21 wants to ensure the three benefits for clients. As a result, we want to become a long-term trusted resource. And consequently, get called upon again and again.

To do this therefore, we focus on three specific areas when working with clients:

  • Financial management & control 
  • General management
  • The implementation of new general ledger accounts systems & related management reporting.

In a recent survey, carried out by the Chartered Accountants Interim Management (CAIM – 2018), one of the key results was finding out that SME’s engage interim managers to cover expertise gaps. We feel it gives a management team greater flexibility. And it brings a greatly increased focus because being an interim resource, you are only there for a specific purpose & a specific amount of time. 

If you have an upcoming need for interim expertise, we would be happy to explore things further in a one to one meeting. Please feel free to contact us at or the Contact page.

Finally, to explore how we work, please read SM-21 Way.