Transforming Business As Usual Into Business At Its Best -Part 2 of 3

Transforming Business

Photo by Andy Holmes – Unsplash

Business being better & not simply bigger – adding value to society as a whole

Business being better & not simply bigger? Is the sole motive  not just maximising shareholder value?

The late Anita Roddick, The Bodyshop founder said:

“Economic opportunity means much more…..than money. It promotes fundamental self-esteem, facilitates education, healthcare, cultural continuity and the chance to protect the past while shaping the future.”

Think about that for a second. Imagine it being taken totally seriously by business – not just lip service. Imagine how much better off society & everyone in it could be.

Put it another way business can be so much more than just a vehicle having the unfettered pursuit of profit as its sole goal. That would likely contribute to the already gaping inequalities around the world. Widening the gap between those at the summit & those not. Managing a business gives you the opportunity to add something that was not there before, adding value to its customers, staff, shareholders & other stakeholders.

From reading the works of Charles Handy, the term “caring capitalist” for me means a capitalism that is:

  •         Inclusive
  •         People not exploited
  •         People members of their organisations – not just employees
  •         A more balanced workstyle
  •         Fun to work & not just hard work for money
  •         Making dreams come true rather than simply producing more widgets every day
  •         Relatively small units where people know & trust each other rather than mammoth

Enabling people to infuse their work lives with real meaning, on a human scale

Can you imagine turning up to work every day, delighted to be there?  Excited by the possibilities, being part of something bigger than yourself? Of course, there would be times of quiet, manic busyness & when you do not feel in the mood. But overall though work is engaging.

Whilst part of this will be down to the business, really it is up to each person to take responsibility. The things you need to develop are not just the so called hard technical skills. You also need the soft ones around management, people, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, personal leadership, finance & time management.

So, leadership, soft-skills, personal development & management will be key in the 21st Century.  Portfolio Careers & independent working will increasingly be the norm & in that scenario, people will need to be stewards of their own potential & development.

Part 3 of transforming business as usual into business at its best to follow!