Smart-21 Your Partner For Sustainable Business Success

As a business professional or SME owner, would you would like to:

1.) Get the benefit of a senior financial management skill set & experience;

2.) Build & enhance your business systems & the related financial, management & soft skills;

3.) Creatively manage your writing & communications?

If so, then welcome to Smart-21.

Added to which we like to do it all in a sustainable manner. Sustainable for you, your business, society in general and Planet Earth. Owning & running a business in this way means you can truly thrive. 

Smart-21 – Your Resource & Partner In Helping Develop Key Business, Management, Financial & Soft Skills

What We Do

Smart-21 actively supports business professionals & SME owners as they go about developing careers & businesses that succeed thereby adding real value to their lives & organisations. It does this by providing an effective & unique blend of outsourced financial management, consulting, mentoring & storytelling for business.

How We Do It

By first listening to & then working with you, Smart-21 enables you to holistically develop the capacity, skills & confidence to succeed.

Simple, effective & putting you first.

Smart-21 offers the following:

  1. Outsourced Financial Management Accessing, on a pay as you go or short-term basis, expertise not directly available to you in your business. This we do in collaboration with EFM Ireland.
  2. Business Systems Consulting & Mentoring Helping you build, enhance or renew your financial & management systems for effectiveness & efficiency. Working with you to develop your business, management, financial & soft skills
  3. Business StorytellingHelping you tell your “business story”, creatively managing your writing & presentation needs to get noticed.

Our aim in working with you is to:

  1. Give you more time to focus on developing your business
  2. Make your business more efficient
  3. Make your business more profitable.

In other words, so that you succeed.

Solutions That Put You First

Smart-21 deliver results by relentlessly focussing on you the client and your business needs. Our sole objective is ensuring that you have all that you need – whether it be effective & efficient systems, the best business & soft skills or a great business story to tell. We want to help you develop all of this because in doing so you will be more likely to succeed as you desire.

It is all about putting you in the driving seat so that you have the necessary competitive edge.  

It is all about devising & creating solutions that put people first. 

As the late (but great) Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines, said:

“The business of business is people”

And Smart-21 is all about helping people succeed.

To learn more, please read the About page, Working Together, SM-21 Way & the Blog.

Then please get in touch via the Contact page.