The Smart-21 Way

This is a (short) open book on the who, why & what of Smart-21 – the Smart-21 Way.

It defines the way of doing business, values, culture & the drivers behind Smart-21. As a result, we hope it is a way for clients & prospective clients to get a fully transparent view. 

Here is what follows:

  1. Who, Why, What
  2. Three Key Steps
  3. Values Are Key
  4. Business Culture
  5. A Social Business
  6. Smart-21’s Logo

Who, Why & What

Smart-21 is your resource & partner in helping develop key business, management, financial & soft skills. And to do so sustainably in a way that enables you to be content, prosper, be better rather than simply bigger as a business & at a very minimum do no harm to Planet Earth.

By providing an effective blend of consulting, coaching & storytelling for business, Smart-21 supports business professionals & SME owners in developing the skills, resourcefulness & personal leadership to succeed so that they add real value to their lives & organisations.

Simple, effective & putting you first.


Three Key Steps

Explore, Develop, ImplementYour skills & your systems, whether as an individual or smaller business, help determine how successful you are – however you define it. This is explored in a way that lets you grasp your opportunities.

Each person Smart-21 works with is unique & so each project is unique. Please explore the Working Together & related pages. There are however, three consistent steps taken that are essential to the Smart-21 Way:


First of all, we listen to you & then in collaboration, research and review ideas that will take you forward. 


Those ideas are further developed into a concerted plan of action, designed to enable you achieve your goals.


Together we implement the agreed steps so that you achieve your goals & as a result are greatly satisfied in doing so.

Values Are Key & Here They Are:


KISS – Keep it simple stupid. It’s the key value. Simple works. Simple is effective. It is a thing of beauty.


Each project is worthwhile – no matter the size. Helping people succeed is why Smart-21 is here so pursuing excellence underpins everything.


Smart-21 gives it all to each project. Why not more than why. Always ask what if? We stay small but excellent so that we maintain both our creativity & agility.


Smart-21 always seeks to create something of real value – something that not only provides a solution to clients but also truly engages them. 


Always make it personal. It enables real effectiveness by letting people work with confidence. It builds real relationships.


Love what you do! Why do it otherwise?  

Business Culture 

Simplicity & effectiveness are the key drivers in how we do things. Our exclusive focus is helping our clients gain a competitive edge. 

We devise straight forward & effective solutions to your finance & business needs.

We look to create partnerships with our clients, working, growing & succeeding together. 

Culture of Small Giants - Bo BurlinghamIn his book “Small Giants – Companies that Chose to be Great Instead of Big”, author Bo Burlingham outlined four key principles of small giants:

  1. Being the best at what you do
  2. Creating a stimulating place to work
  3. Providing perfect customer service
  4. Making important contributions to your community. 

“Perhaps most important, it’s a standard that thousands of companies can aspire to, and many can achieve. If they do, they will in the process, contribute more than uniquely great products and services for which they will be known. Businesses are the building blocks, not just of an economy but of a whole way of life. What they do and how they do it have an impact that extends far beyond the economic sphere. They shape the communities we live in and the values we live by and the quality of the lives we lead. If the businesses don’t hold themselves to a high standard, the entire society suffers. There are no businesses that hold themselves to higher standards than do small giants. Having more of them can’t help but make our world a better place.”

Smart-21 seeks to follow these in everything it does.


A Social Business

Business is not – or at least should not be – just about making a profit. It can be the driver of real development. Development that is inclusive of people, the economy, society & the environment. Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, phrased it particularly well when she said:

“Economic opportunity means much more than money. It promotes
fundamental self-esteem, facilitates education, healthcare, cultural
continuity and the chance to protect the past while shaping the future.”

Smart-21 is looking to develop a strong “social business” element as part of its activities right from set-up in 2017. It will work to:

  1. Support projects & organisations ensuring access to essential educational services, products & support enabling people to realise their potential
  2. Assist microfinance organisations in delivering low cost financing that allows people pursue economic opportunity
  3. Support organisations that work to deliver the basic needs (food, shelter & healthcare)
  4. Actively support organisations & bodies in both saving & protecting Planet Earth.

We we will also get involved in other ways such as volunteering on projects or publicising & supporting campaigns that organisations are engaged in.  


Smart-21’s Logo

Smart-21 LogoWhere did Smart-21’s logo come from? From the olive tree.

Some see olive trees as nearly immortal given the level of resistance they have.  As a result, no matter the conditions – be it harsh winters or scorching summers – they continue to grow strong, bearing lots of fruit. In walking through an olive grove, you can almost feel the knowledge & strength of the trees around you.

Smart-21 is a business backed by strong experience (the resistance). This then helps both individuals & small businesses to develop (grow strong) so that they can reach their potential (bearing fruit). Smart-21 stands for people being able to build their capacity, confidence & leadership to fully realise their potential (the knowledge & strength of the trees).