Outsourced Financial Management

What in the first instance, are the three key benefits of engaging someone on an outsourced basis, with senior financial management experience?

  • Getting immediate access to expertise
  • Having someone ready to help develop & mentor the Finance Team
  • Cost-effective – being a fraction of that for a full time resource.

In providing such management expertise, Smart-21 wants to ensure the three benefits for clients. As a result, we want to become a long-term trusted resource. And consequently, get called upon again and again.

Smart-21’s Partner – EFM Ireland

Our outsourced financial management work is done in collaboration with EFM Ireland.  We provide  nationwide business support to SME’s through both in-person and online financial management advice.  As a result, switched-on business owners can take advantage of the multiple benefits offered that include:

  • Easy access to financial expertise and business advice
  • On a pay-as-you-go basis
  • No recruitment fees and no payroll costs.

What Exactly Does Smart-21 Offer?

Smart-21’s particular focus is on the following specific areas when working with clients:

  • Managing & improving business performance so that financial stability & strength are developed
  • Financial management & reporting so that they keep their fingers on the pulse 
  • Support for funding and investment, cash flow/working capital management to help strengthen SME’s
  • Development & implementation of effective financial & management reporting systems to increase effectiveness
  • General management to enable SME owners focus on developing the business.

Engaging finance professionals to cover expertise gaps gives the management team greater flexibility.  The aim is to release the busy SME owner/entrepreneur from the mundane but necessary day-to-day financial & related management headaches to enable them to concentrate on developing their businesses. SME owner/entrepreneurs can more easily keep their fingers on the financial pulse of the business at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time Finance Director. 

For an interesting case study on how this can work in practice, please read “Improved Financial & Management Reporting a recent case study. 

If you have an upcoming need for such expertise, we would be happy to explore things further in a one to one meeting. Please feel free to contact us via the Contact page.

Finally, to explore how we work, please read SM-21 Way.