• Business Storytelling For Effective Communication

Business Storytelling

Business storytelling and writing should be at the forefront of a business looking to get “noticed.” To help you tell your “business story” as stories rather than just facts & information, to get remembered. 

The main areas we help people with are:

Telling Your Story

  • Get you & your business noticed
  • Enable you to connect more easily, so building real trust
  • Highlight the bigger picture

Content Creation

  • Ghost writing articles
  • Website & newsletter content creation
  • Bringing financial & business reports to life

How To

  • Structure your writing & reports
  • Prepare effective presentations
  • Manage Presentation Nerves

1 To 1

  • Access a writing expertise not in your business
  • Getting an external point of view on your business story
  • Being a sounding board.

A well written document or presentation even though for business purposes, first resonates with its audience of readers or listeners. So, it engages you. It creates an impact also. You easily remember it. Most of all it achieves its objective clearly & concisely, with the minimum of fuss.  Of course, the area of writing & communications involves so much more – from providing an external viewpoint to preparing case studies of issues external to but still impacting your business. Smart-21 is there to help.   

So all of the above is really only a guide as to what work could be done. It is designed to help you think about your requirements & options. Why not then follow that by exploring things further in a one to one meeting? Please feel free to contact us via the Contact page.

To explore how we work, please read SM-21 Way.