• Effective Consulting

Business Systems Consulting

Looking for more time so that you can focus on developing your business? Would you like your business to be more efficient? Also, to be more profitable? Do you have the necessary systems? Or the related resources? Would you benefit from strengthening your skill sets? These are just some of the ways Smart-21 deliver results for you, the client.

Smart-21 offers simple but effective & practical solutions that can quickly be put in place. 

Hence, the main consulting areas that we work in are:

Performance Improvement & Development

  • Operational Excellence & Efficiency
  • Business & Profitability Analysis
  • Finance 101 – for the Non-Financial

Develop, Enhance, Renew Financial & Management Systems

  • Building management & financial reporting systems
  • Finance & Business Project Management
  • System Reviews(looking at efficiency & effectiveness) using Lean Six Sigma techniques

Being A Sounding Board

  • 1 to 1 Confidential discussion of business issues
  • Providing an external & independent viewpoint on your business
  • Facilitating team discussions for business development.

This list should serve as a guide. Please feel free to contact us if your need is not directly covered but you think we might be able to help. You can do so via the Contact page.

To explore how we work, please read SM-21 Way.

  • Mentoring

Business Mentoring

Feel you would benefit from business mentoring so as to fully develop your talents & skills? Looking to increase your own effectiveness for instance?  Unsure of what skills to develop or how, yet recognise a need to do so? Above all, would you like to take advantage of opportunities so that personal growth & development is your norm? Smart-21 can certainly help you with all of these.

Each person is unique. So certainly, any programme of skills development ought to be the same. Certainly, if it wants to be effective that is. 

So, the main coaching areas we focus on are:

Business & Management Skills

  • Management Skills for the Business Owner
  • Building & Working with Effective Teams
  • Skills Assessment & Development


  • Finance for the Non-Financial
  • Finance Systems 101 for the Business Owner
  • Fundamentals of Cashflow Management

Business Soft-Skills

  • Knowing & Managing People
  • Critical Thinking – The Steps to Take
  • Being Proactive – Thinking Ahead

Communication Skills

  • Effective Business Writing – Telling Your Business Story
  • Effective Presentations
  • Managing Presentation Nerves

Personal Leadership

  • Personal Management & Productivity
  • Self-awareness
  • Managing Your Personal Needs – Goals, Downtime & Good Health

All of the above is there to give you food for thought. And to help you think how you might consider proceeding. As a result, we would be delighted to explore things further in a one to one meeting. But please feel free to contact us if your need is not directly covered. Above all, to see how we might be able to add value for you. You can do so via the Contact page.

To explore how we work, please read SM-21 Way.